Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well ladies and gentlemen, here it is.  The first teaser of A Nightmare in Gotham City.  It'll be a stop motion movie possibly running at about half-hour... forty five minutes... something like that.  The plot is Freddy Krueger has returned after his "death" in Nightmare part six and has come to Gotham City, hoping to gain fear and power.  Making a pact with the Scarecrow, the two tear through Gotham's streets... eventually resulting in the whole city being torn apart from a fear of sleeping.  There is but one person that threatens Freddy's plan... the Batman.  However, in order to combat Freddy, Batman must learn to fight in the dream world... on Freddy's playing ground.

Production will start in the summer and it should be out in the fall.  Hopefully in time for Halloween, won't that be something.  Look for it on youtube and this blog.

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