Monday, February 7, 2011

My Poor Little Dinobot

If you don't me, I love collecting toys and one of my favorite kind to collect is Transformers.  Last night while everyone was watching the Superbowl, I was trying to nurse an old friend back.  My Beast Wars Dinobot, my favorite Transformer is starting to die.  This has been a toy I've played with since childhood, though not this copy.  I had an older copy that lasted me all through childhood, I'd play with in the sandbox when I was seven along with Waspinator.  That one broke and I got this new one. It has sat on my bed table, keeping me company for four years now.  Now he seems to be suffering Gold Plastic Sydrome (look it up on the Transformers wiki) and parts of him are starting to break off (there kinda holding on here).  I'm getting a new custom Dinobot (that's more show accurate) very soon, but I really want to try and save this guy to last me to the grave... I mean he's an old friend from childhood.

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